Rain irrigation systems - retractable

Rain irrigation systems - retractable

Retractable overhead systems

In overhead irrigation systems, water falls onto the crops (and on the ground) in the form of small drops; this system has become increasingly popular in agriculture because it allows farmers to save more water compared to previous systems; it also allows them to reduce considerably workforce costs, as it can be easily automatized; moreover, it is suitable for any type of soil.

These systems rely on the same elements that characterise permanent overhead systems, but while the latter employ fixed and protruding hydrants, the former are equipped with special hydrants that drop by virtue of a telescopic motion. This is why they are called "retractable" or "telescopic" hydrants, or, more simply, Agripop hydrants.

Therefore, thanks to their telescopic motion, these hydrants protrude from the ground only during the irrigation season; for the rest of the year, they remain 50cm under the ground, thus enabling and simplifying all operations performed with any agricultural machinery. Unlike traditional systems, these alternative systems allow farmers to eliminate fallow areas and weeds that normally grow around permanent hydrants.

In addition to providing the necessary materials and installation recommendations, Irrigazione Veneta can supply suitable equipment and personnel for laying the system.